Keeping up on your sexual health is important for every adult. Even if you aren’t in to anything like swinging, you still want to get tested a few times a year. You may not want to go to your doctor for this as it can be embarrassing, so finding a sexual health clinic may be a better idea for you. Finding a local clinic is easy, and could save your life.

Go Online

The first thing you should check is online listings. If you simply Google a keyword string like ‘sexual health clinic’ and your town, or ‘std clinics in…’ you should get several results.. Many clinics now have websites that will post their hours, what tests they run, how to make appointments, and costs associated.

Ask For Referrals

If you have friends that you are very close with, you can ask them how they take care of their sexual health. Chances are pretty good that they have used a clinic at some point. A referral also gives you the benefit of knowing what to expect at the clinic, and they can warn you of anything you may need to know before you go. If your friend is willing to refer to you their clinic, they probably had a decent experience.

Call Your Insurance Company

Your health insurance company won’t bat an eye referring you to a clinic. Even if you want to remain anonymous, getting a referral this way will help you ensure you are going to a reputable clinic. You don’t have to file your insurance if you don’t want too.