Sexually transmitted infections are not only no fun, they can lead to serious sexual dysfunction and big problems if left untreated. Even though swingers are typically very careful about safe sex and sexual health, there are still some risks involved.


Herpes is not life threatening, but it’s a royal pain to deal with. There is no cure, and you can spread this even when you don’t have an active outbreak. Swingers are no more prone to this than others, but since herpes can be transmitted through oral sex the risk is there. It’s important that protection be used with oral sex. It may sound unpleasant to use a condom or dental dam during oral, but it can save you an illness that will be with you for life.

Chlamydia And Gonorrhea

These infections are not only dangerous, they can go undetected for years. They show very few symptoms in the beginning, and can lead to infertility in men and has been linked to certain types of cancer in women. Condoms can prevent these infections, but swingers who were involved in the community in the 70s may be a higher risk since safe sex wasn’t a focus then.

Urinary Tract Infections

While these aren’t considered STI’s, they can be caused by certain sexual practices. If bacteria enters the urinary tract, an infection can form. If left untreated this can move up in to a kidney or bladder infection. Swingers are more prone to this because they have sex more often with more partners, and there is a higher risk of exposure to the bacteria that can cause these.