Going to the doctor with something going on with your genitals is never any fun. Sometimes it is necessary though. Some problems can be treated at home, while others will need medication only available from your doctor. Here’s what you should know.

Yeast Infections

Unless you have a chronic problem with yeast infections, you typically don’t need to go to a doctor for them. You can even purchase kits in the grocery store now that allow you to test for yeast infections at home. Once you know you have one, you can just buy the medication at your local pharmacy. If it doesn’t clear up in a week, then you need to deal with the embarrassment and go to the doctor. Untreated these can cause infections higher in the reproductive system, and you can transmit these to your partner.


If you have a sore you need to deal with the doctor. This may be something as minor as an infected abrasion, but it could also be the first signs of something more serious. Don’t assume that just because it goes away that you are fine. Several STDs will give you a few sores then disappear even though the disease is still present.


For a woman a little bit of discharge is normal. For men it’s really not. If you experience discharge as a man, you need to be seen. For women, if the discharge has a yellow, green, or brown color, or if it’s thick or smells, you should be seen. This could be a mild infection or a serious STD.