While swingers are safe about their sex lives, it’s still important to get checked out if you find out your partner is a former swinger. Swingers are exposed to more sexually than other parts of the population, and it’s not uncommon to find an untreated STD among people in this community. Here’s what you should know.

Detailed History

Before you jump in to thinking that because your partner used to swing that they must have an STD, take a few minutes to get some history on them. Maybe they only tried it once, or maybe they were very careful. They may have also been responsible enough to get tested for STD’s regularly. The bottom line is don’t panic about this.

Get A Test

When you go get your tests done, make sure the doctors are aware of your partners sexual history. If you’ve only had a few partners they may not take you as seriously and run the full spectrum of tests. It’s been said that you’re sleeping with everyone your partner has slept with, and this is why it’s important the doctor is aware of the history.

Have Your Partner Tested

Not only should you get tested for all of the known STDs, your partner should also get another test done. Testing is much more accurate now than it was a few decades ago, and many STDs can lie dormant for a long time before symptoms show up. Even if they kept up with their tests, it’s not going to hurt to have them tested again as well. If they know it’s important to you they will be willing to do this to prove to you they were careful.