No one wants to get an infection down there. It’s uncomfortable, embarrassing, and can be pretty gross. However, getting infections isn’t uncommon, and it doesn’t mean you are dirty. If you are sexually active you should be aware of what’s happening in your genital region. Here are some signs that you may need to be seen by a doctor.


No one smells like roses below the belt, but you shouldn’t smell foul either. If you notice a strong odor, whether or not it is foul this could be a sign of something going on. If the odor is foul, it’s definitely an issue that needs to be checked out.


Men and women can experience discharge when an infection is present. In men, a discharge that doesn’t seem to go away can be a sign of several STDs, and are often the only sign. In women, a discharge that is thicker than normal, an unusual color, or has a cottage cheese appearance should be checked out. It could be something as simple to treat as a yeast infection, but it could also be something serious.

Sores Or Bumps

Getting an ingrown hair is not something to worry about. However, if you notice sores that don’t seem to have a reason, or bumps or lumps not associated with recent shaving, you should have it checked out. Herpes will appear as sores, and some forms of HPV will as well. Other STDs can create lumps and bumps in the early stages.

Being diagnosed with an STD isn’t the worst thing that could happen, Leaving it go untreated though can be very dangerous and will be much more embarrassing to explain later.