When it comes to older swingers and sexually transmitted diseases, there are a few things that you are going to have to consider. Many people do not even think of older people whenever they think of swingers. In reality, many swingers are actually people that are older. Swinging is something that people of all ages tend to enjoy.


You will find that many older people that are new to being swingers may not realize how important it is to use a condom. This is something that was not practiced a long time ago and it may be something that they do not do out of habit like people that are younger tend to do. They were educated differently and were not told the importance of a condom like younger people were and are.


There is something to be said for an older person when it comes to sex. While they may have begun to have sex in a different time, they also are a lot more likely to be mature and make good decisions when it comes to sex. This is something that younger people should try whenever they are having sex.

More Partners

If an older person has been a swinger for most of their adult life, then chances are that they are a lot more likely to have had more sexual partners than the younger swingers. This means that they were a lot more likely to have caught an STD. Make sure that you always use protection no matter who you are swinging with.