Anal sex can be fun for both men and women. It’s important to know that extra caution should be used as anal sex can also be dangerous when it’s rushed. If you are wanting to experiment with anal, or just enjoy it, here is what you should know about keeping yourself healthy.

Condoms And Lubricants

Condoms should be a part of any healthy sex life, regardless of what kind of sex you choose to have. STDs can be transmitted through any form of sex. With anal sex, it’s much easier to transmit STDs. The tissue in the anal cavity is thinner, and is more prone to tearing. As this happens, you can transmit diseases through these cracks and tears without even feeling it. Using a condom will help prevent this. Lubricant is also necessary. The lubricant helps to prevent anal tearing and cracking. It will also help keep the condom from breaking or ripping during sex.

Extreme Anal

While many porn productions feature people in extreme anal sex acts, it’s never a good idea. That area of your body was not designed to take anything large, and you can cause serious damage if you push it too far. Some of the risks of extreme anal sex are muscle tearing, scar tissue, and even a prolapsed anus.

Go Slowly

If you decide you want to do something a little more extreme than regular penetration, like fisting, you should work very slowly and use lots of lubricant. If it hurts, stop. Pain during sex can be good, but when it comes to anal sex it’s a warning sign that something isn’t right.