Relationships aren’t what they used to be. With STD’s and other risks, having fun requires extra precautions. You can still have an active sex and dating life though if you take a few safety measures.

Meeting Up

When you meet people for the first time you should take some time to let someone whom you trust know who you are seeing and where you are going. This way in the worst case scenario, someone is aware of your plans. If you let your date knows that someone will know you will be safer as well. You don’t have to come right out and tell them, but you can let them overhear you on a mobile phone sharing the details.

Protection Advice

Even if you don’t plan on doing anything sexual, carrying a condom is a good idea. This is important for men and women to do. This way if things go really well and the scene gets heated, you are prepared. It’s not a bad idea to carry a small packet of lubricant as well. You can find travel size tubes at any sex shop. Women may want to consider using the female condom as well.

Public Places

It’s not a good idea to go to someones house for a first date. This is also true of remote areas. Camping and hiking may sound like a romantic date idea, but it’s not smart for a first date. Remember that you don’t know this person yet, and it’s hard to get help if you need it when no one is around. You can plan a day in a park, or go on a walk, but stick to daylight hours, parks with traffic, and stay on trails.