We hear a lot about the dangers of sex and STDs. But many people assume that they are all life threatening conditions that only happen to those who are very promiscuous and unsafe. This isn’t true. Everyday run of the mill people end up with sexually transmitted diseases. Here’s what you should know about what they are.


By definition an STD is any kind of disease or infection that can be spread through sexual contact. You don’t have to have actual intercourse to end up with one either. STDs can be transmitted through kissing, oral sex, and anal sex. Another common misconception is that an STD must have symptoms to be spread. This also isn’t true. Many people go years with herpes before they have an outbreak, and they can spread it the whole time.

STDs Many Don’t Know About

While most people have heard of the big ones, like AIDS, HIV, herpes, gonorrhea, and chlamydia, there are many other STDs that can be just as dangerous.  Mononucleosis is considered an STD and can make you very ill for a long time if not treated. This will present itself as a flu, but won’t go away on it’s own quickly. Some forms of cervical cancer are also considered STDs. Your partners don’t even have to be sick, simply having a lot of sex is enough to create the inflamed cells.

Sexual Health

You don’t need to be abstinent to avoid STDs. Instead, be safe about sex. Use condoms and dental dams for all types of sex. Dental dams are good for oral sex with women, and you can find flavored dams and condoms to make oral sex more pleasurable. Be smart and get tested a few times a year, and stay aware of whats going on with your body. This is the best way to get treated if you were to end up with one.